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​Are you looking to find tools that provide positive solutions to difficult problems such as poor school performance or destructive behavior in kids?  
Are you looking for ways to engage kids in school before they turn to destructive behavior?  Do you want to be proactive rather than reactive in kid's lives?
If so, then Personalized Education Consultanting is right for you.  We offer a variety of products from interactive workshops, motivational speaking, and individual consulting services. 

Teresa LeMay specializes in designing Individual Educational Plans (IEP's) for people of all abilities.  For over a decade, she has been providing educational programs for people with disabilities and prevention strategies for parents with troubled youth.  She has served over 500 families in the Tri-Valley area.   

Personalized Education was founded on the belief that each child holds within themselves talents and gifts. Tapping into these talents allows students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and builds self-esteem.

Providing an environment where each child succeeds will dramatically increase school performance. 

Providing curriculum in the classroom that is authentic and meaningful builds in students, an intrinsic motivation, fosters life-long learning, and helps to prevent problems within our youth.  

Personalized education plays a key role in keeping kids safe, increasing parental involvement in schools, and nurturing the emotional lives of children.  

Personalized education is about recognizing that our current educational system is NOT a "one-size-fits-all" program.  

It's about providing educational programs that embraces real-life situations and turns them into valuable and meaningful lessons.  

It's about honoring every child, so they know that who they are and what they bring to the world, has "value and worth."

Isn't it time to bring personalized education into the life of every child?  

Hope is just a click away... See our products page for a full list of our services. 

Together we can make a difference...one child at a time.  

Teresa LeMay

Isn't time to bring personalized education into the life of every child?
Personalized education plays a key role in keeping kids safe...